2013 grants

  • “Establishing an in vitro ductal model for breast cancer” – David Gracias, Lewis Romer & Saraswati Sukumar
  •  “Measuring cellular water permeation dynamics with infrared imaging” – Sean Sun & Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
  • “Characterization of epigenetic heterogeneity in cancer” – Winston Timp & Kasper Hansen
  • “CNS drug delivery facilitated by novel membrane translocating peptides” – Kalina Hristova & Dwight Bergles
  • “Epigenetic inheritance in adult stem cells and cancer cells” – Xin Chen & Jie Xiao
  •  “Nanobiosensors for non-invasive visualization of the AKT signaling pathways in cancer” – Assaf Gilad & Michael McMahon

2012 grants

Status: rewarded.

2011 grants

Status: rewarded.

2010 grants

Status: rewarded.

Unraveling the roles of obscure obscurins in cancer development
– Lead Investigator: Aikaterini Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos, Ph.D. (University of Maryland Baltimore)
– Co-Investigator: Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Ph.D.

Microfluidics for Studies of Angiogenesis in Oxygen Gradients
– Lead Investigator: German Drazer, Ph.D.
– Co-Investigator: Sharon Gerecht, Ph.D.

Microribonucleic acids in the physical properties of cancer cells
– Lead Investigator: Yiider Tseng, Ph.D. (University of Florida)
– Co-Investigator: Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Ph.D.

Role of dc electric fields in the motility of cancer cells
– Lead Investigator: Peter Searson, Ph.D.
– Co-Investigator: Denis Wirtz, Ph.D.