The Johns Hopkins Physical Sciences-Oncology Center is one of several NCI-funded PS-OC’s launched to better understand and control cancer through initiatives that enable the convergence of the physical sciences with cancer biology.

Our Center

Metastatic disease causes the preponderance of deaths related to cancer. Relative survival significantly decreases for cancer patients who present with metastases at the time of their diagnosis. This center brings together experts in cancer biology, molecular and cellular biophysics, applied mathematics, materials science, and physics to study and model cellular mobility and the assorted biophysical forces involved in the metastatic process.

Our scientific approach is to perform an integrated analysis using biophysical, biochemical, biological, engineering, and computational approaches to gain insight into the cellular, molecular, and physical mechanisms underlying the functional interactions critical for establishing the intracellular and extracellular conditions favorable for metastasis. We are interested in the role of mechanical forces in cancer tumor growth and the metastatic cascade.